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How does Online Cardiology Consult Work?

I have spent my entire career taking care of patients with heart disease. I am also an expert on all issues that a cardiac patient can face.

I will be consulting with you in a non-stressful email exchange.

You sign up for counseling by making one-time subscription payment. I will respond by using your email address.

You can write me all of your concerns with previous diagnostic information. Some examples would be a general assessment, ECG, Echocardiogram and Coronary Angiogram.

You will get a personalized response prepared exclusively and customized according to your questions and concerns.

Book a Consultation by making the payment and you will be redirected to a simple assessment form.

Cost of Consultation – Rs 500

500 Rs

Coronary Artery Disease or CAD has become the number one cause of death around the world. Despite ample information on the Internet; it is very difficult for a cardiac patient to understand the available options for treatment. Even doctors can`t reach a definite conclusion due to the frequently changing medical guidelines.

Common Questions Asked by Patients

Is my chest pain due to Heart Disease?

Do my symptoms mean that I have a Heart Problem?

What can be done to rule out the possibility of heart disease?

I have gone through all the diagnostic analysis but what should I do next?

If I need a procedure, how will I know if it’s the best treatment for me?

How can I determine if I need another one in the future?

Can diet & exercise, alone, take care of my illness?

If you have similar questions it’s a good idea to book an online cardiology consult with me?
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Cost of Consultation – Rs 500

500 Rs

Disclaimer –

You will be receiving answers to your questions to help you make informed decisions about what actions to take next. This is not intended to replace working with a Cardiology specialist for actual treatment. We are not responsible for actual treatment and so we do not make recommendations for them. Rather we are an informed source to help you understand, more completely, what you are dealing with and what options you should discuss with your Cardiologist.