Do you often feel Fatigued after undergoing Angioplasty procedure or Bypass Surgery?

As per my experience of clinical practice, most of the patients ,who have undergone the procedure of angioplasty or bypass surgery often complain of extreme fatigue. I am planning to write an article on the topic of fatigue in post angioplasty/Bypass surgery patients.

I was wondering if some of the group members are struggling with the similar issues. I would love to have your inputs in the comment section.

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  1. Not specially tired but anxious and afraid to take in the begin so much medications.After 8 months good condition with only one medication(clopidogrel) now it is very soon 2 years ago and ok no problems but i look with my physical condition,2 hours exercices each day and also no fat and sugar anymore and 8 hours sleep.

  2. Angioplasty in May, 5 stents. For about 6 weeks after I felt tired and exhausted and thought all the medications being introduced to my body may be part of the cause, plus changing diet and giving up smoking. Then 2 weeks of feeling great and back to my normal self. Another angiogram last week and one of the ateries that was stented had started to narrow, so restented with another 2 stents. Back to feeling very tired but not quite so exhausted as previously. Statins have also been changed. Hope I start to feel like my normal self quicker this time.

  3. I could sleep day and night, and get up feeling fatigued and sit here yawning and occas. Gasping. Have SOB more than prior to OHS. I have no filter on my speaking anymore and feel angry a lot and don’t know where it’s coming from to fix it. I am forgetting things I know that is very costly to my work, have lost my job last week, feel very disabled to cont. Working. Don’t know what to do or where to turn, more and more drugs are out of the question because I feel they may be part if not all my problem. They are atenolol and atorvastatin. I don’t know…..

  4. My husband has said he is tired from the time he wakes up till he goes to bed. He said he doesn’t feel himself anymore. He still feels out of breath and some chest pain. He’s 40 will be 41 in August. He had a heart attack at the end of May and had 2 arteries blocked over 90% and two %60 , the ones that was 90% was fixed and stented. Then he told his cardiologist abt these symptoms and he was again hospitalized and the tried to fix the blocked artery and it kept going in another small artery, so I guess they scraped what plaque they could and partially ballooned the artery. He said his arteries on that side was pretty damaged. We don’t know what to do. Try to add two new medications , but he couldn’t take bc of the side effects of making him feel worse and he got these horrible cluster headaches. My husband has dealt with migraines since I’ve been with him almost 20 yrs and he said this was different.

  5. Sir mere bypass surgery ho gaya hai 1 year 6 month s hogaye lekin chest heavy rehta hai chest me pinch hota hai head me bhi kabhi kabhi jhatka lagta hai colstrol bhi baad gaya hai ecg abnormal ho gaya hai please a advise batauo thank you

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